Miami photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

I’ve been to Miami twice. Once when I was 10 so I do not recall much, and now this year. I definitely got to enjoy its beaches more as the sand was this amazing white and mesmerized me.           Photography by Sinem Oguz.


Barcelona photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

I was in Barcelona in December of the year 2014 and only if I had to describe it in three words; Barcelona is the “capital of surrealism.” All the art surrounding the city in so many forms create such a poetic atmosphere. No doubt that Barcelona is where you can find anything you look for; […]


Bodrum photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

It was my first time coming to Bodrum, a city in Turkey, and I still wish to go back. The water was this aqua blue and so beautiful. From those who windsurf to those who walk around small town shops, Bodrum definitely has a special characteristic to it.               […]

Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon photo by Sinem Oguz Photography

Right next to Las Vegas, a 30 minute helicopter ride around the Canyon was mind blowing, I had never been on an a helicopter before and even though I could feel my stomach drop as the helicopter first took off, I enjoyed it. You can say that I felt like we were flying over the […]

Holiday Break

Holiday Break photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

During my 2015 holiday break I went to Aruba with my parents with a following trop to Istanbul to spend New Year’s with my friends. Although very hot, Aruba was gorgeous and I loved the soft warm sand beneath my feet and the exotic fruits and foods I got to taste while there. Afterwards, getting […]

Avalon Fire

Avalon Fire photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

I live in a small town in North Bergen county, right across Manhattan. Although small, many students live in this part of town that go to my high school in Leonia. The way in which the fire first started was uncertain, however the fire caught on really fast and and ended up spreading all night […]

Airplane Views

Airplane view photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

As a person who travels often and is lucky enough to see my friends in Turkey every summer, I find myself standing in line at the airport to check in very often. Although traveling means lots of stress and sweat, it seems to be all worth it when I’m sitting in my seat on the […]