New York

“Today, America is the Roman Empire, and New York is Rome itself.”
John Lennon

The Center of “Everything”

New York is a very special city for me as much as Istanbul since my life was spent shuttling back and forth between two cities. I would really like everyone out there to see the city because a great Turkish mind and writer once said “One should be the citizen of its time”; if this is so, today, in the early 21st century, one should see New York City, inarguably!

New York is one of the cities that come with a lifestyle. The city offers you a special way of living and it’s so exciting to follow its footprints from one path to the next. With its beautiful parks and friendly people, New York has something for everyone. A good balance of modern landscape and scenic views, it’s a city you could really enjoy yourself. There are so many things to see… The amount of things to do in the city is overwhelming but fortunately New York will give you the energy you need to get through.

Today, the city is known as representing what is new, and said the center of basically everything. However, it’s interesting to know that the city’s roots go back to mid 16th century. One of the world’s most visited cities, in top three I’d say, NY is always a tourist attraction because people like to make the most of modern life’s possibilities and have the chance to see historic districts at the same time. And on that sense, it reminds me of Istanbul.