40 Under 40 Most Influential Turkish – Americans: Toa Awards 2017

Sinem Oguz - TOA Awards 2017
This year on March 17th the annual “40 under 40: Most Influential Turkish-Americans” award show was held in New York. As a great honor, I was invited to have my photography of Syrian children on display at the entrance of the awards show. Before dining area was opened to the guests, a variety of Turkish News channels and other various news outlets were eager to catch an interview with all the honored guests. As just a 17 year old I was honored to have been asked for an interview and was glad to be able to share my story, both in English and Turkish. Towards the end of the ceremony, I was also called up on stage to give a quick speech and was awarded a plaque for the efforts I’ve shown to promote Turkey. Being invited to such an honorary award show was thrilling and a whole new experience.