I am aware that my father travels to Russia often due to business purposes. Yet all I still know about Russia is the typical known fact that it is freezing cold in the winter. Luckily, I took a 5 day. trip there during the summer, and loved it as I saw the Red Square and the […]


Bodrum photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

It was my first time coming to Bodrum, a city in Turkey, and I still wish to go back. The water was this aqua blue and so beautiful. From those who windsurf to those who walk around small town shops, Bodrum definitely has a special characteristic to it.               […]

Airplane Views

Airplane view photos by Sinem Oguz Photography.

As a person who travels often and is lucky enough to see my friends in Turkey every summer, I find myself standing in line at the airport to check in very often. Although traveling means lots of stress and sweat, it seems to be all worth it when I’m sitting in my seat on the […]